Original activities & SPA at Palau Plantation Resort
Palau Plantation Resort offers a number of activities, including the popular canoe/kayak tour, where you can go out to sea through mangrove tunnels from the premises.

Kayak tour

■オリジナルアクティビティリスト/ Original activity list
※現在カヌーツアーは休止中/Canoe tours are currently suspended

ツアー種別/Tour typeツアー名/Tour料金/Price
カヤック&カヌーKayak & Canoeナイトカヤックツアー/Night kayak tour(約2H)$ 65
モーニングカヤックツアー/Morning kayak tour(約1.5H) $ 65
半日カヤックツアー/Halfday kayak tour(約3H) $ 65
Night canoe tour with motor
$ 50
Mangrove canoe tour with motor
$ 50

* In addition to the fee, a 10-day "maritime permit" of $50 per person is required in cash.
*There are dates and times that cannot be operated due to the tide.

Mangrove Spa

≪マングローブ・スパ≫ ※現在営業休止中

≪Mangrove Spa≫ ※currently closed
We have prepared a spa menu using Palauan ingredients that Palau Plantation is proud of.There are 2 beds in the spa room, so 2 people can have treatments at the same time. There are also two dry massage rooms for relaxing massage.


“relaxing massage”is a simple oil massage.
※The oil used in “relaxing massage” is not odorless.
・ボディBody  30min $40+TAX
・ボディBody  60min $60+TAX
・ボディBody  90min $80+TAX
・フェイスFace 30min $40+TAX
・フットFoot  30min $40+TAX
・ヘッドHead  30min $40+TAX

ムーンリズム パラワンケア
“Moon Rhythm Palawan Care”
In addition to odorless coconut oil, we offer essential oils that match the rhythms of the moon and tides, which are indispensable for life in Palau.

A)パラワンボディPalauanBody 60min                 $90+TAX

B)パラワンボディ&フェイスPalauanBody&Face 90min $130+TAX

C) パラワンリッチPalauanRich 120min                   $150+TAX

D)パラワンパーフェクトPalauanPerfectmeal                       $20+TAX
※Meal centered on “organic vegetables from Palau” after the spa)